Appliance Service of Honolulu HI

If you’re looking to appliance service of Honolulu HI home with new appliances, it’s a good idea to hire an appliance professional. They’ll help you choose the right equipment for your needs, install it and make any necessary repairs.

We service a variety of brands and models for Honolulu homeowners, including Whirlpool, LG and Samsung. Call us today!


Whirlpool makes appliances designed with you in mind. They’re made to make life easier by tackling the chores that need doing, so you can focus on the things you love most.

Many of their appliances also use remarkable sense and adapt technology that responds to the needs of your clothing, meals or food with intuitive sensors to precisely adjust levels for the best clean, cook or bake possible. This keeps clothes looking their best, meals cooked evenly and foods cooled to perfection.

Unlike other home warranties, Whirlpool warranty offers one plan that covers all of your major household appliances for a single price. This single plan is a better option than purchasing multiple individual warranties for each appliance, as you can save money and have one central point of contact with customer service for all your home’s appliances.


LG has a global presence and a wide range of products that are available in a variety of markets. They also place a high value on design, which makes them a popular choice for consumers who are looking for sleek, stylish electronics that perform well.

The company is headquartered in South Korea and produces smartphones, televisions, air conditioners, and home appliances. They have manufacturing facilities in China, the United States, Mexico, and Russia.

Originally known as Lucky Goldstar, LG changed its name in 1995 and uses the slogan “Life’s Good” to promote their products. The company also places a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility, promoting sustainable development and protecting the rights of workers.

The company offers a full range of consumer services and warranties on its products. In addition, it offers repair and maintenance services to ensure that customers get the most out of their devices. These services can be performed by a professional, trained appliance technician.


Samsung is a global leader in mobile devices, televisions, semiconductors and home appliances. Founded in 1938, the company has grown from one of the world’s smallest companies to a powerhouse.

In the 1990s, Samsung’s leadership realized that its success depended on a commitment to design. It established a corporate design center to spearhead the effort.

Today, designers are tasked with conducting market research to understand consumers’ needs. They then turn that information into innovative products.

To create a design-centric culture, Samsung launched several programs to train in-house designers. They also created a strategic design review system to visualize the future of their company. This strategy has served the company well, allowing design to become a core part of the business.


In order to better engage its employees and managers, GE introduced a performance-development program. This program focuses on continuous feedback and year-round conversations between managers and employees, and also mandates year-end conversations that allow participants to reflect on goals met and impact achieved.

GE offers several different services to its customers. For example, the company provides free customer support and field service engineering for its Engines.

As part of its commitment to customer service, GE has created an app called [email protected] that facilitates a continuous exchange of feedback between staff and managers year-round. It allows employees to share voice and text input, as well as attach documents and handwritten notes.

GE also provides free support for its engines, including technical data and spare parts. The company also offers a product warranty, which protects consumers against the cost of replacing their equipment. Its warranty is valid for one year and covers components as well as the entire engine.