3d photo crystal candle holder

Custom Crystal Candle Holder Personalized Engraved 3D Crystal Candlestick Holders with Your Photo

Our stunning 3D Photo Crystal Candle Holder is the perfect way to treasure those special moments that will never fade. Using advanced laser-engraving techniques, your chosen photo is expertly engraved straight into the beautiful crystal, with backgrounds removed to ensure the important bits are all in focus!

Ideal as an anniversary gift, memorial or wedding keepsake. Holds one tealight candle.


Ideal as a memorial gift or even as a wedding or engagement keepsake, this beautiful 3D Crystal Candle Holder comes meticulously laser engraved with a single photo plus names, dates or any message you would like. It holds one tea light candle.

Using our specialist Sub-Surface laser technique, we’ll expertly etch your selected photos straight into the gorgeous crystal, creating a jaw-dropping effect that won’t fade or deteriorate. Don’t worry about the background – we’ll remove it for you, ensuring that only the important things make it onto your stunning crystal.

We recommend you upload the highest quality photo you have available, to get the best results and really maximise the impact of your crystal. Once we receive your photo, we’ll work on enhancing its brightness, contrast and clarity to ensure it looks great when engraved into the crystal. We’ll then resize and reposition it to the exact specifications of your chosen product. This will take a little time, so please be patient.


Ideal as an anniversary or wedding keepsake, or a memorial for lost loved ones. It comes meticulously laser engraved with a photo as well as names, date or any message you would like. Holds one tea light candle.

The base of the 3D Crystal Candle Holder is crafted using die-casting, polishing and electroplating techniques to give it a natural look that exudes nobility and luxury. The base is also available with a range of personalised features to make this unique and personal gift truly special.

Engrave a favourite snap straight from your phone or tablet and watch it come to life in jaw-dropping 3D detail. We’ll even remove the background so you can focus on preserving precious memories forever in crystal clear clarity.


Engrave a special photo of your loved one into this beautiful 3D crystal candle holder and keep their memory alive. You can also add any text – such as names, dates or messages – to make it truly personal.

Using advanced laser-engraving techniques, we’ll expertly etch your chosen image directly into the crystal. We’ll even remove any background, ensuring that the important parts of the image are brought to life in stunning 3D. And because we use specialist sub-surface engraving, the image won’t ever fade or deteriorate.

The base of the Candle Holder is perfect for tealights or traditional tapered candles and a tray in the middle can be used to store matchsticks. The Candle Holder is an easy and fun project that anyone can make, and it’s a great way to learn Origin before moving on to our Premium Projects. We provide full construction drawings and a 3D model so you can see how the project fits together before making it.


Using our specialist sub-surface laser technique, we’ll masterfully engrave your selected photo into the 3D Crystal Candle Holder so that treasured memories will never fade. The perfect size for a portrait snap, just upload your chosen image and let us do the rest. We’ll remove the background and ZOOM IN to ensure your loved ones really stand out in their own unique way. It’s a gorgeous and meaningful gift for couples, memorials or anyone who love to display photos around their home.

Add a personal touch with our metallic magnetic personal gift note and you’ll have a truly unique present that will stand the test of time. Ideal for an anniversary, wedding keepsake or a memorial gift to a lost loved one. Holds one tealight candle. Please only upload high-quality images – low quality will affect the clarity of your engraving. We will send you a preview before producing your order to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.