Plumbers in Brownsville TX Can Fix Your Drains and Sewer Lines

Plumbers in Brownsville TX Can Fix Your Drains and Sewer Lines

Sewer Line Repair

Like the arteries in your body, a home or building’s drain pipes are critical to its health. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore these crucial lines until a problem occurs. Clogged or broken sewer lines are among the most costly plumbing issues that need immediate attention.

If you notice that your toilet is slow to drain, or hear gurgling sounds coming from your bathroom or basement, there could be an issue with your main sewer line. The problem likely stems from old clay pipes that are prone to cracking and breaking.

Our plumbers can determine what caused the issue and then perform a spot repair or trenchless sewer line replacement. Trenchless lining uses felt liners that are fitted inside your existing pipes. The liners are treated with an epoxy compound that is then blown into the pipes using compressed air. This non-groundbreaking process offers a more durable solution that saves you money and keeps your yard and gardens intact.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are more than just a nuisance, they can also lead to serious water damage. You can expect to see signs like slow drainage, water backing up, and foul smells if you have a clogged pipe. Fortunately, Plumbers in Brownsville TX can fix these problems for you. Whether your problem is a simple clog or an emergency burst sewer line, they can handle it quickly and efficiently. Contact a local plumbing contractor today to schedule an estimate.

Water Line Replacement

Water lines provide fresh, clean water for homes and businesses. When these lines become damaged or clogged, it can cause plumbing problems throughout the house and property. Fortunately, plumbers can help with water line repairs and replacement services.

A plumbing contractor can diagnose issues with the water line using video inspection equipment and by examining conditions on the surface of the line. If a repair is needed, a plumber can usually perform the work using trenchless technology without damaging landscaping and driveways.

A plumber can advise homeowners whether a repair or replacement of the line is more cost-effective. Factors that can influence this include the material used to build the water line, previous repairs, and the age of the line. The useful life of a typical water line is about 50 years. If a clogged line is older than this, replacing it with a new line may be the best option. It will also eliminate any potential problems that could occur with the old line in the future.